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BYU Cloud Apps, powered by Citrix and Box
A system for communication across the BYU community.
BYU Campus Phone System Transition
BYU is replacing its outdated phone system in 2022! The new solution is a cloud-based offering that will better meet the needs of today’s flexible working environment.

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Order a Phone

Order a Cisco IP Phone for your office for an installation fee and monthly cost. Provides telephone service to offices and administrative areas throughout campus. The campus phones are IP phones that transmit the sound of your voice over a computer network using Internet protocol (IP) rather than sending the signal over traditional telephone wires. Order a Phone

What is the future of the BYU Phone System?

Rolling out in 2022, the BYU Phone System will be flexible and convenient with the Ring Central system. You can access and make your calls from your mobile device, desk phone, or desktop computer.


Access your phone calls and voicemail on your mobile client through teams.


Take calls from your desktop with features such as voicemail, conference calls, long distance calling, and call recording.
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Manage your calls and contacts from the desktop client while you work - no need to stop your productivity!


Getting Started
  • 1. To access your voicemail inbox, press the messages button on your IP Phone or dial into the correct voicemail system for your phone:

    Exchange Voicemail on Prem (standard) 2-8844, 2-8841, or 2-8899
    Exchange Voicemail on Office 365 2-8842
    Cisco Unity Voicemail (new) 2-8843

    2. Enter your PIN. If you have not set up your own PIN yet, the temporary PIN is 142106.
    3. The attendant will then give you your account summary.

    If you are off-campus, follow in same instructions above by calling 801-422-XXXX using the correct extension above.

    Note: If the voicemail asks for an ID, enter your 5 digit extension (which includes the 2 + your normal 4 digit extension).

  • If the account is unified through Exchange with an email account, you can first try to reset your PIN via Outlook or Instructions can be found below:

    • Outlook 2010 and later: Go to the File tab, and click the Manage Voice Mail button (if you do not have Unified Messaging, this button will not appear). A window will appear. Click Reset my voicemail PIN.
    • Outlook on the Web: Log into Click Settings (the gear) in the upper right-hand corner. Click View all Outlook settings. Click General, then Voice Mail. Click Update voice mail settings. Under Options, General, Voice mail, Reset PIN, click Reset my voice mail PIN. After confirmation, this will send an email with the new PIN.

    If the account is not unified through Exchange or you are having other issues, please contact BYU IT Support (801) 422-4000 or by email at At this time all Cisco Unity accounts need to reset by contacting the support desk.

    1. On the Cisco 8851 phone, hit the Applications options key that looks like a gear.
    2. Select “Bluetooth” from the menu. 
    3. Select “Add bluetooth device”. 
    4. Put your Bluetooth device in discovery mode. 
    5. Once the Cisco 8851 set finds the phone, hit the “Pair” softkey.  
    6. Once it is paired, hit “Exit” to exit the Bluetooth menu and “Exit to exit the Applications options menu. 
    7. You should now be able to make a call on your Cisco 8851 and use your Bluetooth device instead of the handset or speakerphone.
  • Press Hold. The hold icon appears and the line button flashes green.

    To resume a call from hold, press the flashing green Line button, Resume, or Hold.

  • You can request to receive voicemails in your email by submitting a request here.

    If you are having problems with receiving emails from an old voicemail account, please call 2-4000 to contact BYU IT Support.


Live Chat with BYU IT Support or call/text 801‑422‑4000.